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Keller Taps & Fittings
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Absolute quality and international vocation.

Keller Taps is the fittings firm at Gozzano one step from Lake d’Orta, where tradition and culture in the field of taps and fittings do not have rivals in the whole world. By working with Keller Taps you will surely improve the quality of your life with reliable products and kindness at your disposal.

Keller Taps is affirmed structure that can boast great professionalism acquired over the years on behalf of the owners as well as a dynamic, efficient and timely management.

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Lago d'Orta

Keller Taps & Fittings

Keller Taps

Water Emotions

Keller Taps

Taps and fittings
for bathroom and kitchen

Keller Taps guarantees absolute quality in the product and in the service, obtaining a positive response from the sector operators, both in Italy and internationally.

Discover our wide range of products, individually tested and with a five-year warranty.

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(+39) 0322 1958151

(+39) 0322 1958151


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